From 100 to 2500 Monthly Visitors!

In this case study, you are going to learn how we increased an online store’s traffic by 2400%.

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This is an internet store that sells products for between $50 and $300 each item. The website was primarily dependent on bought traffic at first, receiving no organic traffic.

Before enrolling in our managed SEO program, they had just begun SEO by purchasing a few a la carte SEO services.

There was a ton of room for improvement here!

SEO Audit

An SEO audit is the first thing we always carry out. Anything that could keep them from ranking is what we’re looking for.

The good news is that neither the content nor the links on this site were what was preventing them from growing.

Keyword Research – The “Easy Wins” Analysis

We always start our keyword research by looking for keywords for which they are beginning to rank but aren’t quite at the top of the search engines.

These are good targets as we can typically increase them to observe faster traffic gains.

We discovered 76 prospective targets, largely at the bottom of pages 1 through 3, with CPCs ranging from.60 to $2.50.

These URLs had a mixture of blog posts, category pages, and product pages.

We collaborated with the client to choose a few top priorities for immediate increases!

Keyword Research – Competitive Gap Analysis

The competitive gap analysis is made to assist you in identifying keywords that your rivals are currently ranking for but you are not.

This is an essential stage because it constantly aids in the generation of fresh keywords that you can easily target with content.

The content gap analysis on e-commerce websites differs slightly from that on other websites. You frequently get a ton of product names when you run it, but you might not be able to sell them.

On these, we closely collaborate with the client and choose targets jointly to ensure that we’re focusing on keywords associated with the things they already stock.

We discovered some powerful keywords that we could use to write in-depth articles on.

The SEO Strategy & Execution

This was a pretty typical campaign where we built consistent content and links to the site.

For Months 1 – 3, we kept strategy the same:

  • 1X Medium Diversity Links: We built in-content links focused on easy wins, using diverse anchor text.
  • 4X Blog Content 1000 words: We focused on writing content targeting keywords with good volume related to the niche products.

And for the results, the traffic starts improving when we started:

Going Forward

We’ll be able to perform some strategic link building to push these amazing, long-form blog posts even higher now that they are ranking (AND they are valuable content, not just product pages).

The fact that we now have a ton of content to work with is fantastic, and it’s starting to show!

By employing this tactic, Google is beginning to open the floodgates. This demonstrates the enormous possibilities we have in the near future:


Ecommerce need content, and you can start ranking for your important keywords by generating lengthy blog entries.

You can create an internal link to your product pages from these pages because they are simpler to rank. Having the content already makes gaining quality links 1000 times simpler!