Helping an E-Commerce Client Hit 25,000 Monthly Visitors

Are you the owner of a brand-new or seasoned website seeking increased traffic? The quantity of customers who shop at an online store determines whether it will succeed or fail.

Even if you want more conversions, you won’t obtain them unless more people see your products, advertisements, or landing pages.

We created this case study to demonstrate to you how our managed SEO service helped an e-commerce client more than double their traffic. To find out how we accomplished it and how our solution makes it simple for you to do the same, continue reading below.


In June 2020, a British online retailer of high-end fragrances for both men and women contacted us. The business has thousands of the most well-liked high-street scents and regularly updates its stock.

They contacted us in an effort to increase their internet visibility and generate more revenue. It was obvious that the success of this online store depended only on website visitors. Therefore, we would start by boosting their organic traffic using our SEO magic.

This business was already moving toward increasing its internet customers. By improving their keywords and establishing more links, we were confident that we could assist.

The SEO Audit

Working with this customer started with a thorough analysis of their website. The business was already utilizing some successful SEO tactics, as was already mentioned. To advance, they only required our knowledge.

When they first signed up with us, we discovered that their organic traffic was about 8,000 visitors per month. Since the year 2020 began, their traffic had been growing.

One of the best strategies to boost traffic and SEO ranking is through links. They had only about 50 linkages at the start of June 2020, according to the audit. Our marketing specialists were aware that more linkages were required.

The “Easy Wins” Keyword Analysis

By improving “easy win” keywords on a client’s website after the SEO assessment, we may instantly change their traffic. They do not currently hold any of the 4–30 rankings for these keywords.

As it turned out, the business had access to over 5,000 “easy win” terms. We wouldn’t use them all, but rather pick the ones that would assist us increase traffic and ranking more fast.

Our objective was to choose “easy win” keywords with a high search volume (the number of times the keyword was entered into a search engine) but a low keyword difficulty (how hard it would be to rank with these keywords from 0-100).

For instance, the keyword “fragrance direct” has a KD of 12 out of 100 but receives 123,000 searches. Aftershave, Dior Sauvage, and ghost perfume were some more “easy winners.”

We used these keywords to help the client gain more visibility by including them into web text, blogs, and other content.

Don’t believe that we overlooked keywords that are ranked in positions 1-3. Although it takes longer, our aim is to obtain these as well.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Business owners are aware of the value of doing a competitive analysis. You must be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of your rivals as well as any special strategies they may be using that you could adopt.

This is not intended to force you to do the same action as your main rival. Instead, you should seek out chances that are compatible with your company. Not all of what your rival is doing will benefit you.

Using powerful digital techniques, the competitive gap analysis determines which terms are assisting your rival. You might incorporate them as keywords in your plan.

We discovered that the corporation faced 47 rivals in the UK. Despite the competition, we understood that many of these companies were presumably utilizing the same terms.

One rival company used 39% of our client’s keywords. However, after closer inspection, we discovered that the rival was also ranked for an additional 5,116 keywords.

The SEO Campaign

The exciting part followed. This customer subscribed to our most popular managed SEO service.

Our managed service has the advantage of relieving our clients of any responsibility. They can then concentrate on growing their business while we handle the online marketing.

The fact that customers have access to all of our goods and services is another fantastic perk. They receive a professional campaign manager who is equipped to handle everything from outreach for link-building to content syndication. With all of these products available, campaign managers can customize client strategies.

Monthly orders for this client consisted of: 

  • Blogs
  • Guest Posts
  • Link Building

When it came to guest articles, we concentrated on websites with better domain authority while the blogs helped the client’s ranked keywords rise.

Depending on a variety of factors, the size of each order may have changed from month to month, but the method stayed the same.

It’s critical to realize that it can take three months or longer to see the desired outcomes. The secret is to be patient.


Our favorite aspect of any campaign is telling our clients about the amazing results. Let’s start by examining the company’s increase in organic traffic.

Their traffic increased from 8,000 monthly visitors to 24,791 currently in just nine months from the time they first got in touch with us in June 2020.

Wondering how much that traffic is worth? Today, their traffic is valued at $9,331. This means they would have to spend this much to get the same amount of paid ad traffic.

As you may have seen from our plan, our objective was to increase the client’s links.

Ultimately, we raised the number of backlinks from 50 in June 2020 to over 200 in the following year. It has increased over 300% in just seven months.

This client truly persisted, and as a result, business at the store has increased significantly. They needed more time than the typical three months to see these significant effects, but their trust in us paid off in the end.


Every e-commerce site must continually work on its SEO. The business was aware that it lacked the time and money necessary to maintain a high degree of SEO optimization.

To enhance web traffic, our skilled campaign managers made use of every resource at their disposal.

What are you still holding out for? Find out how we can help you increase your online presence by getting in touch with our digital marketing specialists.