Law Firm SEO: From 500 to 7,000 Monthly Visitors

Learn how we grew a legal firm’s website traffic by 800% in just six months and how their traffic is now valued at $11,714 per month in this case study.

Although there are 15% more active lawyers now than there were ten years ago, legal firms still rely on web traffic for leads. These days, a legal firm’s website needs to have excellent SEO in order to rank on Google and stand out from the competition.

It wasn’t as difficult as you may assume, and it didn’t require a huge investment.

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At the end of 2019, this Texas legal practice contacted us for assistance with optimizing their website. Since the website’s June 2015 launch, there hasn’t been significant traffic growth.

The business had just over 500 visitors per month coming from organic sources when they first began utilizing our managed SEO solution in October 2019.

They desired to raise their internet ranks in order to attract more targeted visitors to their website, which would ultimately result in more leads and customers.

The SEO Audit

With every customer, we start by doing a comprehensive SEO analysis of their website. Before strategizing or organizing any campaigns, we must understand the situation we’re in.

We were aware from away that the legal sector was a highly competitive one. Our audit revealed that it would require approximately 310 backlinks to rank locally in their city for the term “legal firm” and to land inside the top 10 positions.

The company had some success obtaining backlinks on their own, but it was obvious that much more work remained. Fortunately, link building is our area of expertise.

“Easy Wins” Keyword Research

By locating “easy wins” keywords, we operate more efficiently for our clients.

The website already appears in positions 4–30 for these keywords. These keywords are already performing well, so we can concentrate on them to see some quick increases in traffic!

Once these keywords are located, we can carefully use them to raise a client’s overall rating.

A total of 667 “easy win” keywords were discovered. Some of them had extremely high search volumes and would rank in the Top 10 with little effort.

Although our customer wasn’t purchasing advertisements for this campaign, we still found a few useful keywords through our research. The cost-per-click (CPC) for the keyword “domestic violence charge in texas” was $90, indicating that it would be highly beneficial for us to rank for the term.

Although that kind of money can seem extravagant, you must keep in mind that the legal sector is a very cutthroat market. Law companies can readily profit from an investment of $90 (and occasionally much higher) when their customers pay them thousands of dollars.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Gaining insights from what your rivals are doing is quite beneficial. A competitive gap analysis will assist in highlighting the areas where your rivals excel over you.

2,852 distinct keywords that were not being used by our customer were discovered. As one of their areas of legal expertise, marijuana laws accounted for the majority of these keywords. In order to start directing targeted traffic to their website, we created content based on the keywords we discovered.

Finding these keywords pleased us even more because we could use them to inspire blog post ideas for the client’s website.

The SEO Strategy

The law company took advantage of our method for building links, which provided contextual links from authoritative websites.

This was combined with additional high-quality links from our guest post product. One of the best strategies to move your site up the SERPs is via high-quality guest posts.

Our guest posting product’s complete customization makes it the perfect fit for their campaign. Customers can decide whether they want to focus on getting published based on domain authority or the publisher’s website traffic, as well as the blog length (500–2,000 words).

We reassured them that benefits wouldn’t appear fast and revealed that SEO effects frequently take weeks or months to manifest. But as soon as they did, they were astounded.

Our Results

What we observed in this case study was textbook SEO.

The client’s organic traffic was in the 500s when we kicked off their campaign in October 2019. Now (in May 2020) it’s over 7,700 visitors per month and continues trending upwards.

That is an increase in organic traffic of more than 800%!

We were able to push incredibly lucrative keywords into the top 10 by utilizing a combination of our fundamental link development and guest posts. Some of their keywords for marijuana and domestic violence were placed on Google’s first page, which helped to cause the sharp increase in visitors.

The referring domains for the client climbed by more than 1,000%!

This campaign was solely for organic traffic (no paid advertising). But it’s worth noting that the client’s traffic value jumped from approximately $550 when we started working together to $11,714 per month.

That means it would cost them almost $12K in paid advertising a month to get the same amount of traffic they are getting now with the organic search! Take a look at the value growth below.


Link building is the key to search rankings and we also knew that powerful guest posts would help move the needle. In the end, we boosted their organic traffic by over 800% and put them at the top of the SERPs to help them get more leads and clients.

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